Troubleshooting a.k.a FAQ

  • Application "freezes" immediately after start:

    After the first location data is obtained, application checking the database for the nearest speedcameras surounding you. This process can take 5-10 seconds. Also, it downloads fresh weather forecast. Parsing it can "freeze" application for a couple of seconds. Just give it a bit more time, everything should work.

  • Application starts up, but speed indication is "frozen":

    Most possible, it just cannot get the satellite signal of acceptable quality. iPhone is equipped with A-GPS chip, what means it calculates location in two stages: first, it using the cell towers. It's very fast, but gives data with low accuracy, up to 1-2 kilometers. This is not enough to calculate your speed! And second, it locates the GPS satellites, what gives 5-100 meters precision, but takes up to 5 minutes. If 5 minutes gone, but the speed is still zero:

    • Tap the "satellite" icon - the "Location Info" screen will show you current GPS accuracy. Note, 3rd party applications cannot control GPS precision!
    • Make sure you are under a clear sky. Strong sourse of radio waves like TV tower also can be a problem;
    • Completely power off/power on your iPhone;
    • Switch on/off "Location services" and "3G" support in your iPhone prefernces;
    • Try to start the standard "Maps" application, wait until it shows your location with good precision ("small circle" around "your location"), and quit it (looks like sometimes it resets something in A-GPS chip).
    • Try other speed-indicating applications, if you have any. We all using the same Apple API calls. If they work, but our application doesn't - please contact us via

  • Application quits ("crashes") after 3-10 seconds after startup:

    Tap the "wrench" icon (call "Preferences" screen), got to "Weather" tab, switch "Show Weather" to "None", close "Preferences". The weather forecast is provided by the website, and they can change the weather data format for some locations without notice. That happened once already, and about 1% of users experienced application crashes. If it helped, please send us your coordinates (latitude and longitude) by email via, we will try to fix the problem in nearest update.

  • Weather data are different, then in reality:

    Normally, the website finds the weather station (typically an airport), nearest to your location and retieves the data for it with 3-hour time interval. So, the reading should be understood like "average for nearest 3 hours for an area about 50 kilometers around".

  • Image "doubles" in HUD mode:

    Actually, it always "doubles", according to simple law of phisics: the windscreen has two surfaces and the iPhone reflects in both. However, one reflection is "more transparent" then another, so the mode itself is pretty much usable. This effect depends on the angle how your windscreen is installed and your position behind the steering wheel. Try to set the iPhone in different position on the car dashboard, use the windscreen mount and play with the "Brightness" settings in iPhone preferences.

  • "Course" and "Compass" reading is wrong:

    The "Compass" shows not the direction how your device is oriented, but the direction where you are moving. Hence, it's wrong when your speed is zero. Also, the precision is quite low if your speed is about 1-15 km/h.