Atoll Numeric Translator

Atoll Numeric Translator provides an easy way to convert between different national numeral scripts.

Actually, it's a multilingual dictionary oriented to numerals, extremely useful on traveling, when you need quickly translate things like food prices, bus timetables, dates and property numbers. Also, it has a "learning mode", training you to remember the foreign numerals.

  • Currently, the following scripts/languages are supported:
  • 1. Western Arabic - Europe, South and North America;
    2. Middle East Arabic - Middle East countries: Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Kuwait, etc;
    3. Eastern Arabic - Persian (Iran, Afghanistan) Urdu (Pakistan, India);
    4. Devanagari - Hindi, Sanscrit, Nepali (India, Nepal);
    5. Gurmukhi - Punjabi, Sindhi (India, Pakistan);
    6. Thai - Thailand;
    7. Tamil - Singapore, Sri Lanka, India;

  • Screenshot:

  • Program usage:

    For number translation just tap the number using the upper keypad and the result will appear below. Or type the number on lower keypad and see the result above. Use green arrows to switch the language, red cross works as backspace, gray arrow shows the number fullscreen (for example, could be useful when you want to show the price that would suit you to somebody). Red "L" switches the program to the "learning mode". On exit, "Atoll Numeric Translator" remembers the number/language settings you typed, what allows to use the program as a quick note. The screen is rotated to left or right portrait mode according to your device orientation.

  • Version 2.1 introduces the "learning mode" - a "flash card" style game helping you to remember the numeral symbols of all supported languages. To enter this mode tap the icon with the red/white "L" letter, and keep tapping the translation of flashing symbol on the keypad below. Program will show you the correct result and the percent of correct answers. Also, green "V" resets the current quest, gray arrow will switch you back to the main screen.

  • Progam must run on all versions of iPhone and iPpod Touch, starting from the 3.0 OS version.
  • Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about additional functionality, there is a big chance they will be implemented in next release. Please forward your requests to email address.
  • How to buy:
    Install iTunes and click on the link below: