aDrive Camera

aDrive Camera is easy and simple to use application combining functionality of car digital dashboard and specialized photo camera. Have you ever regret that you did not have time to take a picture of something interesting on the road, because you driving a car and have no possibility to quickly get the camera ...? This application should solve the problem.

Once installed in the windscreen mount your iPhone acts as a digital compass, speedometer and also shows small map of area where you are. You can take a picture at any time, just simply click once on the screen. The photo will be automatically saved on the Photo album. Also, the image of the speedometer, map and a lot of other useful information, a list of which is selectable in Preferences, will be placed over your photo.

Following label types can be used:

  • Editable list of image captions (trip description, person name, etc.);
  • Tile of Google Map with the photographed place marked;
  • - Current date and time;
  • Geographical location - altitude and longitude;
  • Distance to the selected location (distance to home, country capital city, trip starting place);
  • Altitude in meters or feet;
  • Current speed (kmh, mph);
  • Compass with your current heading;
  • Image sequential number;

Application uses built-in GPS to get the location data. You can enable or disable some labels, specify the font name, size, color, transparency and position for each label.

After the labels are placed, you can view the photo from within the aDrive Camera application and email it to any email address.

Ready photo sample with the compass and speed indicator on bottom:

Additional interface preferences:

NOTE: Please check is your windscreen mount capable of holding the iPhone in landscape and free the camera lens on it's back side.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about additional functionality! THE BEST AND FASTEST WAY CONTACT US IS SENDING YOUR REQUESTS AND BUG REPORTS to WE ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN DIALOG, what is not possible when you leaving the bug-report as AppStore review.

  How to buy:
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