aGile Dashboard

aGile Dashboard is a vehicle digital dashboard, introducing many amazing features. It's not just visualizing your current speed, heading or acceleration but also keeps an eye on following the legal speed limits, the driving style and reminds you to stop and have a rest if you driving too long.

Detailed features list include:

  • Speed display

    The speed display of aGile Dashboard is "live" - it changes the font size and color depending on your acceleration, making the reading more expressive. Also, it shows average trip speed (tap to display it in full size) and the speed log chart. Since version 1.3 there is two modes of showing the average trip speed: average speed during last 5 minutes ("-avg") or the average speed since program startup ("+avg") Then, your speed affects objects moving on the radar.

  • HUD (Head-Up Display) mode

    Tapping the "HUD" icon mirrors all the text and removes small display details, so if you position the iPhone horizontally under your car's windscreen you can see perfectly readable half-transparent reflection of the picture displayed. We love this mode! We found it much more convenient compared to traditional car dashboards (especially on the roads of Western Europe, which are full of speed cameras and where you need to watch your speedometer all the time). And last but not the least - it just looks cool.
    Note: this mode works pretty well at night time and twilight, but on direct sunlight the screen brightness can be insufficient.

  • iPod Playlist control

    You can skip/rewind or play/pause the music item in your current iPod playlist. Repeat, Shuffle and select current playlist options also available.

  • Display color themes

    Since version 1.2 you can choose between three color themes: green (original) blue and red.

    Red theme may suit the BMW and Audi drivers:

    While Blue theme looks better in Volkswagen Golf or Passat:

    Also, Compass and Radar transparency are adjustable.

  • Driving style advisor

    Every 5 minutes aGile Dashboard checks the collected speed data and if you accelerating or braking too hard and too often reminds you about the safety. Sometimes, when you're hurrying to the airport overtaking other cars, it's good to have something that reminds you that missed plane isn't worth your life!
    Style Advisor Indicator is the "lightning" icon on the left below the "speed limit" is a meter that indicates how "smooth" your driving is. When you driving on highway keeping the constant speed the icon is green, but if you change the speed often it turns red, indicating that the situation is petentially dangerous. Gray color tells the Style Advisor is off or there is not enough speed data collected.
    Also, this feature can be used as a fuel economy indicator - smooth driving results in lower fuel consumption. Of course, sensitivity of the advisor can be adjusted in Preferences, or it can be completely switched off.

  • Satellite location info

    Information about your current location, altitude, speed, course, satellite measurement precision and distance to the starting point of your trip.

    You can adjust the transparency of the view to use it together with the speed display and change the display units just by a single tap.

    On a separate screen you can see the maximum reached speed, altitude or distance from start, for you current trip or for for all the trips you ever did.

  • Speed limit warnings

    aGile Dashboard can keep track on 4 speed limits, giving a warning each time you crossing it. Normally, it's legal speed limits within cities, local roads and high-speed motorways.


    "Never exceed speed" is the speed you should not exceed under any conditions. For example, it can be a technical limit of your vehicle or the point where government can arrest your driving license.

  • Driving timer

    Displays current system time set on your iPhone and a time of your trip.
    In some countries it's illegal to drive longer then particular period of time without having a break. aGile Dashboard can watch this period and remind you that it's necessary to stop and have some rest.
    Tapping the "Clock" icon resets the timer, average speed and driving style adviser timeout.

  • Compass

    Digital compass, showing your moving curse related to the true (not magnetic) North.

  • Speed units

    The speed can be displayed in:
    • Kilometers (1000 meters) per hour
    • Miles (1609 meters) per hour
    • Knots (1852 meters per hour)
    • Meters per second

    We found this feature truly useful when traveling from UK to continental Europe in a car with speedometer, marked only in miles.

  • Acceleration meter

    Displays current vehicle acceleration.
    Note: program uses iPhone built-in accelerometer, what means the precision is affected by car vibration.

  • Troubleshooting a.k.a FAQ
  • Limitations
    • The program is running only on GPS-enabled iPhones 3G (second generation or higher) with iPhone OS 3.0 or higher. No iPod Touch, 1st-generation iPhones or minor OS versions supported.
    • The precision is affected by the satellite signal quality. On open-sky spaces it's pretty good, but under other conditions can noticeably decrease. Also, after startup it requires some time to locate the necessary satellites, so during first minutes of running the measurement can be less effective. If unsure, use the program only for reference, don't rely on it for 100%.

  • Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about additional functionality, there is a big chance they will be implemented in next version. Please forward your requests or bug reports to

    Please, note: iTunes AppStore doesn't allow to contact you back or leave comments to your reviews. If you have questions or problems with running the application, contact us via email

  • How to buy:
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