1ST Photo Marker

1ST Photo Marker places text labels over the images, taken with iPhone built-in camera.

Following label types can be used:

  • Editable list of image captions (trip description, person name, etc.);
  • Address (country, city and a street name. Application is using Google service to convert coordinates into address string, so internet connection is required for this feature).
  • Current date and time (short, medium and long formats);
  • Geographical location - altitude and longitude;
  • Distance to the selected location (distance to home, country capital city, trip starting place);
  • Altitude in meters or feet;
  • Current speed (kmh, mph);
  • Image sequential ID;
  • Heading (available on iPhone 3GS only);

  • After the labels are placed, you can save the image into your Photos album or email to specified email address.

  • Tap on the labelled image preview to get access to image zoom view/save/e-mail screen. "+" and "-" buttons are changing the image zoom, "pitch zoom" gesture also supported.

  • The e-mail addresses can be picked from the iPhone Contacts. Also, you can set the default e-mail address on Prefrences/Interface screen. Image compression quality also can be adjusted there.

  • Application uses built-in GPS to get the location data. For some options, like "Location label" the internet connection is required. This option uses Google service to convert your geo coordinates (i.e. longitude and latitude) into postal address.

  • You can add/remove your custom labels, enable or disable them, change the labels order (to do this, drag and drop table items), set the position on top or bottom of labels list.

  • Specify the font name, size, color or transparency for each label.

  • Available time/date formats:

    Image ID is sequential number of the taken photo and can be used as a unique identifier of each photograph. Also, this number is used during composing e-mails.

  • Some additional labeling options:

    Changing the email image compression typically allows to vary the sent image size from 50K to 2MB.

  • You can also switch between mph/kmh and meters/feet measurement units.

  • Limitations
    • The program is running only on GPS-enabled iPhones 3G/3GS/4 (second generation and higher) with iOS 4.2 or higher.
    • The application needs a GPS satellite signal of good quality. On open-sky spaces the signal pretty good, but under other conditions can noticeably decrease.

    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about additional functionality, there is a big chance they will be implemented in next version. Please forward your requests or bug reports to requests@atoll-ordenadores.com

    Please, note: iTunes AppStore doesn't allow to contact you back or leave comments to your reviews. If you have questions or problems with running the application, contact us via email

  • How to buy:
    Install iTunes and click on the link below: